Puzzle Swap Meet locations

Swap meet locations are evaluated and determined by the location of our members. We don't want any member to have to drive more than 25 miles to attend a swap meet. Therefore a convenient location is selected in close proximity to all members within a 50 mile radius. At times, this is very difficult, especially when there are not a lot of members in one area. Sometimes new locations must be added to accomodate new members that live outside the 50 mile area. A member living close to two different swap meet locations may choose to attend either one and if a member is willing to drive further than 25 miles they may do so to attend a meet.

With the high cost of shipping puzzles ($7 to $12 in the USA), swap meets are the cost effective way of exchanging the ones you have for a fresh new inventory. We encourage all of our members to attend at least one swap meet per year to help keep the hundreds of puzzles moving between members. Several of our members have huge collections of puzzles. Recycling these by way of carrier services is almost as expensive as buying new.

Jigsaw Puzzle Swap Exchange