5 Stars - Highly Recommend
JPSE is such a well organized and well run exchange. It has grown quickly and as it's grown, Aleta (creator/administrator) has adapted it to ensure the quality and timeliness of each puzzle swap. I've been a lifetime member for over a year and I've loved the surprise and variety that each exchange brings. Join a great group of puzzle lovers and save money in the process!
B. Finn Charlotte, NC USA
Member since June 2014

5 Stars - Highly Recommend
Love this exchange! This has grown by leaps and bounds in the few years I have been involved and the management has consistently adapted to the challenges. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this and became a lifetime member early on. There have been so many puzzles that I have found that I enjoyed that I wouldn’t have purchased myself. It has truly been a great family time builder and people that visit can’t believe how much their screen addicted kids have enjoyed working on puzzles with us. Great use of your mind and your time. Highly recommend!
A. Morris, Strafford, MO USA
Member since November 2014

5 Stars - Highly Recommend
I love the Puzzle Exchange! It is a great way to feed my ‘puzzle habit’ and I enjoy sharing puzzles with people all over the world. Aleta has done a fantastic job as the JPSE has grown and is responsive when questions and needs arise. I am so glad that I took a chance 10 months ago and signed up as it has brought me hours of enjoyment and pleasure.
C. McCarthy, Fairview, NC USA
Member since January 2015

5 Stars - Highly Recommend
We joined Jigsaw Puzzle Swap Exchange back in 2015. I remember a contest that would award a puzzle to the sender of the 1000th puzzle. My how it's grown! Under Aleta's expert management the club has just gotten bigger and better over time. She's quick to respond to any question or issue that a member might have and is always looking for ways to improve the swap and exchange experience. JPSE has provided us with many hours of enjoyment and we're so glad to be members.
K Lewis, Hightstown, NJ USA
Member since February 2015

5 Stars - Highly Recommend
JPSE is a wonderful site for all puzzle enthusiasts. Not only do you get to trade puzzles with others across the country who share your interest, but the administrator at JPSE keeps track of all exchanges--a Herculean task in and of itself. I highly recommend this membership of perspicacious puzzle people to all who enjoy this pastime.
A. Muccino, Overland Park, KS USA
Member since September 2015

5 Stars - Highly Recommend
I joined JPSE in April 2018 and I have truly enjoyed my membership. It is so fun to see new puzzles that are being added to the inventory, requesting those puzzles and then executing the swap. Once I have completed a puzzle, it is a great feeling passing that puzzle along to another member, and I love reading the puzzle journey sheet, seeing where all a puzzle has traveled. The functionality of the JPSE website has really matured and I appreciate administrators' commitment to enhancing it.
K McClellan, Arlington, TX USA
Member since April 2018

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