Have you ever got out a puzzle and started to work on it and another person entered the room. Did you notice that people gravitate toward a puzzle and maybe put in a couple pieces while they are around it.

At one place that I worked at years ago, every once in a while someone would bring in a puzzle and open it up on a lunch table. Over the course of the day, people on their breaks and lunch hour would work the puzzle. Usually within a few days it was done and someone would bring in another.

There are jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts everywhere. Sometimes it is even hard to find good quality puzzles. After you put it together, then what? I know for me, they go to a closet stacked upon other puzzles and just take up space. I might trade them with a family member or friend, but after the puzzle goes through a small group, it sits again.

Why not pack up a couple puzzles and ship them to someone on a list of people who want them? Imagine their surprise when they check their email and get a notice that one is on the way or when it actually arrives in the mailbox!

Who we are

Puzzle enthusiasts just like you who have accumulated puzzles over time that we want others to enjoy.

Rather than selling them at garage sales, we would like to share them with people that want them.

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A bit of history

Puzzles are a big part of our life. The entire family would sit and enjoy each others company while working together.

Puzzling can also help strengthen mental skills and keep the brain healthy.

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