We have created several forms to make swapping puzzles easier for you. The puzzle journey sheet is required to be sent with all puzzles. You can use either color or black and white versions. You can also print any of the documents in black and white if you prefer.

Puzzle ID Labels

Many of the forms allow you to request ID labels to attach to your puzzle boxes. With the price of everything going up, we are providing the PDF for you to be able to print your own labels. This pdf can be directly onto white 1" x 2 5/8" adhesive mailing labels. Avery 5160 is the correct size. 30 to a sheet. If you care to print your own, we certainly appreciate it.
Puzzle ID Labels

Puzzle Journey Sheet

Record the journey of this puzzle for all the future recipients. When they receive this puzzle they will be able to see where and when this puzzle has traveled it also helps to keep it from being sent back to a person who has already had it.
Puzzle Journey Sheet (Black and White)
Puzzle Journey Sheet (Color)

Shipping Labels

You can use the shipping labels to address the package if you wish. The colorful border catches the eye and can sometimes generate interest from those who handle it along the way which can produce more members to trade with.

You can also use any shipping label generated by shipping services such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. Actually, they are probably better formatted and reduce the chance of human error.
Shipping Labels

Puzzle Donation Entry Sheet

We no longer use the spreadsheet method of adding puzzles to the library. Inconsistencies with naming conventions, spelling errors and the like have caused issues with the standardization of searching the massive database of available puzzles. The online addition form contains nearly every option you will need to quickly add your puzzles to the library.
Detailed Instructional PDF
Add a Puzzle Here

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