Over 6100 puzzle swaps have been initiated to date.

Puzzle Library

There are more than 1600 unique puzzle titles in the virtual library at this time along with many duplicate copies. Only members of the exchange that agree to swap puzzles may make requests from the library. Donations only members and those not registered are ineligible from making requests of library puzzles.

If you would like to request one or more of these puzzles, please use the MULTIPLE PUZZLES REQUEST form to do so. You may also report the ones you do not want or have already had, and currently have in your collection with this same form.

We are moving to a more automated system that is located on the INTERACTIVE TOOLS or "IT" tab. This interface allows you to search for individual puzzles by Title, ID number, keywords and more. You can also search for members to trade with and monitor your inventory, swap history and selections. The IT will be your main source of interaction as we grow forward. Many more features are coming with the rollout of JPSE 3.0

Jigsaw Puzzle Swap Exchange