Swaps currently in progress

Over 2700 puzzle swaps have been initiated to date.

The transit board has changed, it is now a sortable list and will be updated more frequently.

Swap Reference # - A number assigned to the puzzle swap
I/R/O - I= Initiated, R= Returned, O= Other(Membership, Donation, No Exchange)
Tracking Number - The number is reduced to last 5 digits for security purposes
Carrier - Shipping service used
Origination - Sender City, State, Zip
Send Date - Date Mailed
Destination - Recipient City, State Zip
If City - This is the current location of the puzzle
If Status - This is the status of the puzzle once it arrives at the destination city.
Once a puzzle swap has been initiated and a return has been sent and delivered, this status changes to SWAP COMPLETE
Scan Time Stamp - This is the time of acceptance at a location or status as reported by the carrier.
NOTE - A member with a Status of 3 WEEK FINAL NOTICE will result in the recipient member being removed from the recipients list until all delinquent puzzles have been returned. Please review the FAQ's page.

Report Puzzle Receipt

If you have received a puzzle in the mail without receiving a shipping notice, or tracking updates, please log it in by using the transit board above (preferred) or this email link (if not listed above) receipt link. Please provide your name, the sender's name, sender's City, State, Zip and the mailing date. We can then log them in and adjust rating points if necessary.

Jigsaw Puzzle Swap Exchange