How to Donate a puzzle to the members library

Our members library houses more than 1600 puzzles. This is a virtual library that is extremely easy to use. You should think of every member as being a branch of the virtual library. Each member has a different inventory but they are all contained in the main library. As puzzles are sent and received, the inventory of the member changes. You simply select puzzles that you like and when it becomes available, the member who currently has it can send it to you in a swap, you then return a puzzle to them. The library is the best way to select puzzles that you would like and avoid the ones you don't.

Anyone can add puzzles to the library by filling in the appropriate form with the puzzle information from the original box. The puzzle must have the original box and must not be missing any pieces. A photo is required to be uploaded as well. We will send you labels in the mail to apply to the boxes. Once the labels arrive you can place the appropriate number on the matching puzzle box. If you have more than a couple puzzles to add, use the donation spreadsheet as it will make things easier. Then just email it in along with the photos.

There are three ways to donate a puzzle to the library. You do not have to be a member to donate them.

Use the Online Form

The online form is perfect for when you have one puzzle or a few puzzles to donate. The form submission is one puzzle at a time. Simply fill out the form with the information on the puzzle, upload the photo, and send it. We will send you ID labels and instructions in the mail on how to apply the label to the box.

Use the form now Donate a Puzzle

Bulk Submission

If you have a lot of puzzles to donate, this is the way to send in several at a time. Simply download the excel spreadsheet file

Puzzle Donation Entry Sheet

For those of you who would like to donate puzzles to the library you can use the DONATE A PUZZLE button in the main menu under the LIBRARY tab or if you wish to donate many puzzles at one time, you can use the bulk donation form below. Simply fill out the form and email it back with the photos to the address on the instruction sheet as the JPSE email address will fill up too quickly to handle all the photo files. Once we receive your list of donations, we will assign an ID number and return it to you. You can print a set of 30 labels below and write the number on the label before affixing it to the boxes. Please do not mail them out until you have applied the labels. Instructions for application are also below. Photos should be taken in landscape format and should be full size, this way when a member clicks on the photo, it can be enlarged on the webpage to see better detail. The file should be at least 500 kb in size. They can always be reduced but never enlarged without distortion.
Bulk Puzzle Donation Entry Sheet Save this form to your computer prior to entering information and then again when you are finished with your data prior to attaching the file and sending through email.
ID Labels Use this sheet to create labels and duplicate labels for puzzles that you add or find duplicates of. This is best printed on a sheet of 30 adhesive shipping labels in size 1" x 2 5/8". Please do not choose your own number for a puzzle, these are pre-assigned as they are donated and many labels are outstanding.
ID Label Instructions This document will help you find the locaton for the label application.

Select a Regional Librarian

You may send puzzles to any of our regional librarians for inclusion into the Puzzle Library. These are donations and are not considered swaps or trades. If you wish to trade, please select one of our members from the recipients list.
Select and send puzzles to a regional librarian

Donate to a Regional Librarian


Our regional librarians are member volunteers who maintain a 5 star rating with the exchange. You must be willing to accept puzzles in all puzzle categories. We are looking for librarians in the following areas:
United States - Zone - 1 (MA, VT, NH, NY), Zone 7 - (TX, LA, NM), (Zone 8 - CA, OR, NV)
Canada - Zone - 1 (NB, PR, NS), Zone 2 (NF, QC), Zone 3 (ON, MN), Zone 4 (SK, AB, BC)
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer regional librarian in one of these areas

Inquire here!

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