Puzzle Swap Meets
Upcoming Event Dates:
2017: Oct 21

The map below provides information on future Puzzle Swap meets that may become available in certain areas. The map will be updated as members join and submit registrations for event locations. Two or more registrations are required to schedule a swap meet in a specific location. Registration is required to be able to attend and trade puzzles.
ORANGE - Approximate member locations.
GREEN - Confirmed swap meet locations scheduled for Oct 21, 2017.
GRAY - Possible event location. One more registered member needed to schedule.
RED - Tentative swap meet locations for the remaining upcoming dates.

Click on the green and red balloons to see the dates and number of attendees that have registered to attend.
If you are interested in attending one of the upcoming swap meets, please fill out the registration by using the link in the menu bar.

Plan to arrive just before 9:00 AM on the day of the event. It should not take more than one hour. Bring all of the puzzles that you wish to trade. It is up to you how you exchange them. You can trade a 500 for a 500 piece, or two puzzles for two puzzles. However it works for each of you is fine. Puzzles with library ID's may only be traded within the membership by showing your event pass. This is because there is no guaranteed way to get them back. A Puzzle Swap Event Pass card and instructions will be provided to you the week prior to the event once there are enough members to schedule the location. You can show that pass to another member in possession of a Library puzzle that you may want to swap for.

If you are not a member of the exchange and do not register, members are not obligated to trade with you. Those registered are provided a list of attendees prior to the event so that changes and updated information can be communicated in the case of an unexpected change of plans.

Registrations for the Oct 21, 2017 swap meet are now being accepted. YOU MUST REGISTER TO HAVE AN EVENT SCHEDULED AND TO BE ABLE TO ATTEND!

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