Swap Meet Registration

Please provide all the information below to register for one of the upcoming events. Any payment necessary will be made on the following screen through PayPal or via separate invoice. Thank you!

Enter the address where you would like to recieve your puzzles. Use Line 2 if necessary.
Email address you with to use for contact.
Select one of the existing locations or provide the closest library to your location. If there is already a library selected within 25 miles of your area, do not write in another as it will not be added.
Select the swap meet dates you plan to attend.
Attendance at the swap meet is included with membership.

Let us know how many puzzles you will be bringing to the swap meet.
If the library list does not contain a location within 30 miles to you, please enter the name and address of the nearest library or Safe Exchange Zone to you. Enter the library / SEZ name, street address, city, state, zip, and country here.
Ex: Nashville Public Library 615 Church Street, Nashville, TN 37219 USA
We try to find the most convenient location to ALL members in a geographic area so that no one has to travel further than any one else. Please be considerate of others when making your suggestions.
Add special needs or concerns here.