Initiate a puzzle exchange

Step by step intructions on how to initiate a puzzle exchange.

Step 1 - Select puzzle
Select the puzzle that you would like to send to a member. Take notice of the brand, number of pieces, etc.

Step 2 - Prepare the puzzle
Place the pieces in a 1 gallon plastic ziplock storage bag. Some puzzles that have small pieces or are 500 pieces or less can be placed in smaller plastic bags. If the box gets damaged and torn in transit, your pieces will not be spread from VA to FL as has happened on one particular incident.

Step 3 - The puzzle journey sheet
If you have received this puzzle from another member it should already have a puzzle journey sheet in the box. If it does not or you are sending the puzzle for the first time, please print a journey sheet and write the member's name who sent it to you, followed by your name, city, state, country and today's date. If there is a piece missing add "mp" after the number on the sheet and on the label of the box.

Step 4 - Check the library
Is this a library puzzle? If it is, it may have a 1" x 2.58" label on one side that has a 4 digit number on it (you will need this number when filling out the New swap form so write it down before you seal your package). Visit the INTERACTIVE TOOLS page. Enter the puzzle ID number or the Title in the Puzzle field and select Get Puzzle Information. The puzzle detail page will be displayed. You will see the puzzle photo, title and ID number followed by Request and Do Not Send buttons. Below that are the details of the puzzle, the size, manufacturer, series, artist, age recommendation, last copy added by and date, characteristics, and keywords. Sometimes there will be comments particular to a copy of this puzzle or note that it needs attention. The next sections are Members who WANT it, DO NOT want it, and CURRENTLY HAVE it. Look at the Members who want it section. Find a member that wants it that you are willing to send it to. With the rising costs of postage, you should look for a member that lives within a few states of you. The list is organized by the oldest requests first. Many times we have several copies in circulation (you can tell if there this is the case by looking at the Members who currently have it section. If there are more than one name listed, we have more than one copy. Choose a member closest to you, this will keep shipping costs down. Sending from East coast to West coast can run $14-$20, so try to keep it local. Some members only want to trade in their local area and this will help them also. If you select a member that wants the puzzle, you won't have to worry about them having the puzzle before. Until you get used to the program, ensuring that your recipient has requested the puzzle is the best way to go. If there are no requests for the puzzle you want to send, check the Members who DO NOT want it section. DO NOT send the puzzle to a member who is on that list. That will earn you a quick infraction. If you do you will have three options. 1) Send a replacement puzzle, 2) Declare it as a donation, 3) Forfeit a quality rating point that you can never make up. Now that you have selected your recipient, let's make sure you can send it to them.

Step 5 - Double check the recipient.
Sometimes members change their preferences and swap areas so we need to make sure that they can receive a puzzle from you. On the INTERACTIVE TOOLS page (you will spend most of your time here), enter the name of the member in the Member field and click Get Member Information. This will bring up their information. First you will see their ratings. Timeliness average rating stars means the average return time for this member. 5 stars mean they average a return within a week, 1 star means it could take the entire month to get a return back. Quality rating begins with 5 stars. For every infraction that is not corrected, a member loses 1 star. The next line is the member status. Here you will find out if they are active or on hold. You cannot initiate swaps with members that are on hold, but they can initiate swaps with active members. It is one of the ways that some members control the number of swaps they are involved in at any one time.
RLPO Members - If a member is RLPO, it means that they are Requested Library Puzzles Only and they must select puzzles from the library. You cannot just send them anything you want. Until you master the program, you should treat every member as an RLPO.>/br> The next section are their preferences. This shows their puzzle work space, what brands, artists, themes, and piece types they like.
There are two more important lines. What is OK to send and what is NOT OK to send. A new item in the OK to send is the SPECIFIC SWAP AREA. This is a new feature that is being added to the back end but for now, it is being added here. Members that choose to swap only in a specific area of a country or continent will have this listed here. It may say ONLY swaps in USA-SE which means that you should only send a puzzle to a member if you live in the Southeastern USA. Many of our members are on limited budgets and this is a way they can participate and not go over budget. Make sure the puzzle you want to send conforms to these preferences.
The next sections contain puzzles the member has requested, does not want, and currently has. Below that is their swap history of all the puzzles they have traded over the course of their membership. These are good identifiers of their participation level. It is also a way to doublecheck puzzles as they are all interlinked.
OK, you have your member, let's get the address!

Step 6 - Go to the RECIPIENTS menu button above. Select a member to send it to
Visit the RECIPIENTS This list is sortable and the fastest way to use it is to scroll to Column Y Last Name then use the down arrow button to sort it in ascending order. Scroll down until you find the member you want and then to the right is their mailing address. Probably the most simple part yet. Address your label. You are ready to package it up and take it to the carrier of your choice.

Step 7 - Prepare the box
A typical box with a top and bottom is usually sufficient to withstand shipping. Please wrap it in brown paper and seal it with clear shipping tape. Some puzzle have poorly constructed boxes, Ceaco is one of these brands that sometimes use a cereal box like container. We have found that these boxes do not ship well and after a couple exchanges, become crushed and flimsy. It is best to put these boxes in another box prior to shipping. If you are sending more than one puzzle at a time, use a larger box that will hold them all and use some filler to keep them from moving around inside the box. The little air pillows are the lightest weight.

Step 8 - The shipping label
We have a shipping label that you can use if you like. Print the form Shipping Label, fill out the sender and recipient information and then apply it to your package. Completely cover the label with clear packing tape so that it does not tear and get removed during shipping.

Step 9 - Mail your package
Take your package to the Post Office or other shipping service. We have found that it appears to be cheaper to use USPS than FedEx or UPS but you may use any service you wish. Some members have said that they save money by using the online stamps option like Stamps.com or Click-N-Ship. Make sure that you get a tracking number for your package, USPS First Class mail DOES NOT always included tracking. Puzzles sent without tracking numbers will NOT get credited with rating points until they are reported as delivered because it entails more work for the administration of JPSE. UPS gives you a number that they call a tracking number on the receipt. This number generally is a transaction number that provides you with a tracking number only by going online to their website.

Step 10 - Submit your New Puzzle Swap form
Use this link to submit a New Puzzle Swap. This form is very important as it alerts the recipient that a puzzle is coming to them and allows them to prepare for returning one to you. If you are sending a library puzzle, make sure you enter the ID number. Once the form is submitted, we remove the puzzle from your inventory and add it to your recipient's inventory. This helps others keep from sending duplicates by accident. It also helps us keep track of puzzle deliveries and keeping the recipient on track to return one to you. Failing to submit the form will cost you half the points of the swap which is averaged in to you your Timeliness Rating points and will negatively affect your score.

Step 11 - Swap reporting
Once we have recieved the swap form, we will send an email to both you and the recipient with the details of the swap and the swap number. Any correspondence should include that number. Make sure to keep the email until the swap is complete. If there are any problems, use that form to communicate back to us so that we have an email chain of communication. The swap will be recorded on the Transit Board so that you and the recipient can see where the package currently is or if there is a problem with delivery. The swap will drop off the board once it has been in Swap Complete status for 5 days.