Over 4100 puzzle swaps have been initiated to date.

Please be patient while the data is retrieved and loaded. It can sometimes time out while processing. If that happens, please refresh the page. A new Donations Only members list is located below.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY - Make sure that you choose a suitable member for the puzzle you are mailing AND that they are listed on the list below. If you send a puzzle to a member that does NOT fit their current specifications, it will be considered a donation and we WILL NOT require that they send you a return puzzle. The down arrows in the Column titles of the grid can be used to sort and filter all columns to find the perfect member for the puzzle you have ready to send. Refreshing the page will undo your selections.

If you are sending a library puzzle with an ID number on it, please select a member who is requesting that puzzle first.


Will Swap - Missing Box is OK - If YES This member will accept puzzles in plastic bags with a crushed or no box
Missing Piece is OK - If YES A puzzle with ONLY ONE missing piece may be sent to this member
Puzzle Specifics (shape, sizes)- If YES in any of these categories means the member is willing to accept those specifications
Puzzles for Children - If YES Typically for ages 2 - 12
Special Requests - Some members prefer to have specific sizes and brands. SPECIAL NEEDS LINK will display the members disability requiring specific types of puzzles that they are able to work.
Quantity - This is the limit of puzzles a member is willing to receive in one shipment
Rating (Timeliness)-
Points are based on participation and we use a scale of 5 = Best to 1 = Poor & 0 = Does not participate as agreed
N/A means that they do not swap
New - Member has recently joined and have not mailed or been mailed a puzzle to accumulate points
Points are based on the quality of the return puzzle to complete a swap on a scale of 5 = Best to 1 = Poor
Puzzles must be comparable to piece count, quantity, and quality. The original sender rates the recipient on these factors.
Library Member - This member has full access to the library to be able to request puzzles.
Puzzle Swap Meets - This member participates in bi-monthly puzzle swaps.


The following members are Donations Only, you may select one of these members if you do not want a return puzzle.

Please do not send puzzles with ID numbers to these members as they will be lost to the library and the membership.
Members who are delinquent in returning puzzles will not be listed on either recipients list until they return all delinquent puzzles owed. The exchange is run using the honor system and members who do not return puzzles ruin the exchange for all other members.
Please review the FAQ's page.

Initiate a Puzzle Swap (NEW swap)

Initiate a puzzle swap with another member here Initiate a Swap

Select a member from the recipients list. Please include a tracking number and a puzzle journey sheet inside the box.

Return a puzzle (complete swap)

To return a puzzle to a member who has sent you one, use this form Return a Puzzle

Select a member from the recipients list. Please include a tracking number and a puzzle journey sheet inside the box.

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