Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to join?
Yes, we no longer offer trial memberships or allow non-members to access our member inventory.

What happened to the free trial membership?
The free trial membership was discontinued in November 2015. The puzzle exchange was so popular that the promotion was no longer warranted.

Why is there a membership fee?
The membership fee covers the cost of maintaining and marketing the website. It also helps protect the membership from individuals who would sign up just to get puzzles without providing a return.

If I cancel, can I get a refund?
No, membership fees are non-refundable. There is a significant amount of processing involved in setting up your account and inventory. You may cancel your membership at any time and always have use of the program until the expiration date.

Do I have to swap puzzles?
Yes. Our program was built on the idea that people exchange puzzles. This is not a puzzle of the month club. Our members expect you to send a return unless they choose to send you a donation puzzle.

How do I swap puzzles?
When you sign up, choose the selection that applies to where to trade, Internationally, Your country, or sections of your country. Our members will choose another member based on this category. If you select that you are willing to trade and you receive a puzzle that requests a swap, you are required to trade. If you do not return a puzzle, you will be suspended until all delinquent puzzles are returned.

Why are some members ON HOLD?
This could be any of the following:
The member has decided to take a break from receiving puzzles, they can become active again at any time.
The member's membership has reached the renewal point and they were notified that it is time to renew and have not yet done so.
Members that are on hold will be reflected on their profile page. We do not publish their addresses until a swap shipment is being created.

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Puzzle Library

What is the Puzzle Library?
The Puzzle Library was created for members who like to choose what puzzles are sent to them. Using the Interactive tools, members can search the library for puzzles that interest them by size, piece count, artist, brand, theme. They can then select the ones they want or do not want.

Who can visit the Puzzle Library?
The Library is visible only to members via the Interactive tools. You are automatically given access to the Library when you join the exchange.

How can you request puzzles?
A member can request any puzzle by signing in to their account and either clicking on the "Request This Puzzle" button or sending in a Multiple Puzzle Request of puzzles. The member's name will be placed on the waiting list. As the puzzle becomes available, a member will choose from the list of requesting members.

Who do you choose from the Library?
The INTERACTIVE TOOLS will do the work for you. When you are ready to send a library puzzle, click on the INTERACTIVE TOOLS and sign in. Then use the MEMBER MATCH button to find out who wants any library puzzle that you have. The match will return the members who have requested that puzzle and then show what they have that you have requested. This way a swap can be made where you both receive a puzzle that you want. Only by using the request system for library puzzles will this function work. If you are on hold, members will not be able to find you to send you puzzles.

How do I know if a puzzle is from the Puzzle Library?
The puzzle will have a white sticker on one of the side panels of the box with www.JigsawPuzzleSwapExchange.com
printed on it. Where XXXX is the ID number. If the number XXXXmp appears, it is missing a piece and can only be sent to members who agree to recieve puzzles with missing pieces.

Who can add puzzles to the Puzzle Library?
Any member can add puzzles by any of three methods found on the link ADD PUZZLES TO THE LIBRARY You will use the form for individual additions, or send them to one of our Regional Librarians if you do not have the capability to use the other method or are a non-member. A photo is required to be uploaded. We will send you stickers in the mail to apply to the boxes. Once the stickers arrive you can place the appropriate number on the matching puzzle box.

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Puzzle Swaps

What is a puzzle swap?
A puzzle swap is one puzzle (or shipment) initiated and one puzzle (or shipment) returned. It does not go back and forth indefinitely. If you choose to continue swapping with a certain member, you must initiate a new puzzle swap. If they tell you they do not want to continue swapping, please do not initiate another swap with them. We have lots of members, choose another member.

What kind of puzzle should I send?
This is a hot topic. The puzzle you send MUST be compatible with the recipients puzzle preferences. As a general rule, you should send the kind of puzzle you would like to receive in return. If you send a good quality puzzle, you should receive the same. If you send a dollar store puzzle, don't expect a high quality Ravensburger. Our INTERACTIVE TOOLS page shows the preferences that each member would like. It also provides details of each puzzle in the library and a list of members who do and do not want them, in addition to the ones who currently have a copy.

Do I need to send the same puzzle back to the sender?
No. You should send a different puzzle back but it should be comparable in quality, size, and piece count. Most people do not want to work the same puzzle more than once. Also, do not trade a puzzle that you want to keep as it may never come back to you. Check the puzzle journey sheet and if it is a Library puzzle with a specific ID #, check the INTERACTIVE TOOLS for the puzzle to see who has already had it and who does not want it before sending the puzzle out and don't send it back to any member on that list.

Who to trade with?
You have a lot of choices here. There are several factors to keep in mind. Size, Shape, Quantity, and Distance. Look at what you have to trade and then find a member that fits that puzzle type. The INTERACTIVE TOOLS will provide a list of the members who want that puzzle and those who will accept it. If you have a 1000 piece round puzzle you should not send it to someone who 1) does not want shaped puzzles or 2) only wants under 500 piece puzzles or over 1000 piece puzzles. Keep in mind that the further away the recipient lives, the more expensive it will be to ship AND they may not be able to afford nor want to expend that amount of money to ship it back to you. So think about your recipient as well.

What if I don't return a puzzle in an exchange?
When you receive a puzzle from anyone, you are expected to return a similar puzzle to them within 30 days. The only exception is if they specify it as a donation. If you do not return a puzzle within 30 days, you are placed on hold until you have corrected the deficiency and then you can either return to active status or remain on hold. You must change your status, we do not automatically do it for you.

How many puzzles can I ship?
You may ship as many puzzles to one person as they agree to receive. Due to shipping costs most people only want to receive one at a time but shipping more than one puzzle in a box is usually less expensive over time.

What if I don't want an exchange?
You may send your puzzles to any of our members. If you do not want one in return make sure you check the DONATION box on the new swap form. Also include that message in the comments section on the shipment notice form.

Do I have to fill out a shipment notice?
Yes. This form tells our program code which puzzles to remove from your inventory and whose inventory to place them in. Failure to file the proper swap form will create many problems for you and the members you trade with. You will be penalized for not filing the forms. It also helps us issue timeliness points for you. If you do not file a notice with tracking number, you will lose half of your rating points. Any swap without a tracking number will require delivery confirmation from the recipient to stay active. If the delivery "CHECK IN" is not communicated, the swap could be cancelled. Tracking numbers are YOUR protection from loss.

Why should I use a shipment notice?
For 6 very good reasons.
1) This form is generated to let the recipient know a puzzle is headed their way. It lets them know if you expect a puzzle in return and what types you would like. Shipments without swap form submissions will be declared DONATIONS.
2) In addition, it contains information concerning the carrier and tracking number which we use to update the transit board.
3) It also tells us when a puzzle is delivered and we can follow up with the recipient and remind them to return one to you.
4) It is used to generate rating points to you and to keep rating points by the recipient. 5) If you don't file a shipment notice and you do not get a puzzle back, we cannot take action against the recipient.
6) You will lose half of your 5 timeliness points each time you send a puzzle without filing a notice, and if it is delivered prior to reciept of your notice, you still lose half of your possible points.

What if I sent a puzzle and did not get one in return?
We want to know about it. This program is based on the honor system and intended to be fun. It is very irritating to send a puzzle and get nothing in return. If this happens to you, file a support ticket right away so that we can investigate the issue. The tracking # also helps us monitor your shipment to a member and we can keep track of when they should send one out to you.

Why did I get a notice about a return puzzle?
We do not like to have to remind you to return a puzzle but sometimes people forget, therefore, we have a series of notices that are sent out. The are as follows:
1) At three weeks, a return reminder is sent.
2) At 30 days, we send anotice and we place you on hold until you mail back the puzzle. This is an indicator that you may be too busy and we want to help you catch up.
3) After 60 days, we send another reminder notice letting you know that your 30 days have passed to mail the puzzle and action is pending. You must respond immediately.
4) A request is then made for delivery confirmation from the original sender. They have a limited amount of time to respond. If they respond that they received a puzzle from you, the swap will be completed. If they do not, The swap is may be cancelled and they forfeit the possibility of a return. This does not let you off the hook. Our position is that if you have failed to return one puzzle, you will probably fail to return another.
5) If the sender responds that you have not returned a puzzle, your membership is SUSPENDED FOR NON-COMPLIANCE. Your membership becomes Delinquent until you clear up the definquent returns. As long as you are delinquent, you will not be able to receive puzzles from members. You will also not be invited to renew your membership should the expiration come due.

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What shipping service should I use?
That is entirely up to you. Everyone has their own preferences. Compare rates with the ones you like and see which one is least expensive, faster, etc. Here are some of the most popular:
United States Postal Service
Canada Post
Federal Express
United Parcel Service
I have found that Priority mail is not too much more expensive and sometimes even less expensive than USPS standard post as long as the size fits within the guidelines. 9 of 10 parcels are cheaper using USPS than FEDEX or UPS. An average puzzle costs about $10.00 to ship. In addition, tracking notices are a lot better with USPS and work best with our system. NOTE: FIRST CLASS MAIL DOES NOT INCLUDE TRACKING! Tracking numbers with UPS often fail because they sometimes provide a local tracking number that UPS tracking does not recognize.

Do I have to use a tracking number?
Yes, it is required to calculate rating points, update the transit board, and help you with delivery problems when they ocurr. They are helpful in letting us know the status of the shipments that are in transit. If a tracking number is provided, we can use the scan information to update the transit board. Tracking numbers are not always included in postage (First Class). Sometimes you must purchase them as an upgrade.

How should I package my puzzle?
Remember that all packaging adds shipping weight. The best way to ship your puzzle is to use a Priority Mailing Box. Unless you are mailing two puzzles in the same box, you should use this box. If mailing more than one, use one of the Priority FLAT RATE BOXES. I used to say that just covering the box in brown paper was enough. Seeing those puzzles after two or three shipments, they look like an elephant sat on them. This mostly happens with boxes like SunsOut which are too big for the puzzle pieces. The Priority mailing boxes from the Post Office are free, they are super strong and will not tear or crush. With the recent postage increase, it only costs about $.50 cents more to upgrade from 1st Class mail to priority. Always place your puzzle pieces in a ziplock plastic bag this way if a box rips, pieces don't go flying. Usually a 1 gallon ziplock will do the trick. Also, fill the ziplock with as much air as possible. Believe it or not, this will help keep the box from getting crushed as it is basically FREE FILL. AIR! Who would have thought it could be used as packing material?
Concerning large puzzle boxes, you can cut up the priority box and glue or tape it inside the top and bottom sections of the box to help keep the box from getting crushed in transit. Also the little plastic bags of air are great to help keep it from crushing.

Do I have to use the puzzle label?
No, this is an easy shipping label you can use if you want. It does not need to be in color. When you are packaging your puzzle, write the Puzzle ID # on the label or reciept so that when you fill out the form, you don't forget which puzzle you mailed. ID numbers are super important to our system.

What is the puzzle journey sheet for?
People like to know where the puzzle has been before it came to them. In addition, you can look at the sheet and quickly make sure the puzzle does not get sent back to any of the previous members before you send it out. When swapping puzzles locally, the form could be responsible for a new member joining. WARNING: if you send the same puzzle back to anyone on that list, or in the DO NOT SEND TO column of the Puzzle Detail page, you WILL get an infraction and either be required to send a replacement puzzle or lose one of your Quality Rating Points permanently.

What is the transit board?
This is an exciting new item that is similar to the arrivals/departures board that you would find at an airport. It is a great way to see all the activity going on between members. It is updated several times per day as puzzles pass through sorting stations as reported by the tracking numbers. It shows the most active members, puzzle swaps currently in progress, and the members who have not returned puzzles. A puzzle stays on the transit board until 5 days after it has completed a round trip swap. It is an easy way for members to see if they have any puzzles owed to other members as well. If a tracking number is not included, it provides a message for the recipient to advise us when it arrives.

What are the letters I, D, R, and O on transit board?
These letters are symbols for the status of the swap. I = and Initiated swap, the first half of a new swap, D = is a puzzle Donation, R = stands for a Returned swap, the last leg of the swap, M = Membership Puzzle. O = can be many things. It can be membership puzzles (a puzzle purchased or included with a membership subscription) that is being sent. Usually if they originate in Palm Coast, FL 32135 this is the case.

What if there is no box for the puzzle?
You may only ship puzzles without a box to members who are listed as willing to accept puzzles with no box. We have received a lot of complaints by members receiving puzzles in plastic bags with the box cut apart and a copy of the picture. DO NOT DO THIS!

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Rating System

What is the rating system?
The Rating system is a tool to help members determine which members to trade with. Ratings are based on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest.

Why are there two ratings?
One is for the timeliness of a return, the other is for the quality of a return.

How does it work?
The rating system works based on other member's experiences with a specific member. A good experience means the recipient member keeps their points where as a bad experience means they lose points. A recipient who does not return a puzzle at all will be suspended until all delinquent puzzles are returned.

How do you determine to suspend a member?
This depends on the member's type of membership. If they have purchased a membership, they are suspended until they return all delinquent puzzles. They can then be returned to full "Active" status. Their rating points will not be restored, they will need to earn those back based on performance. In addition, a member who does not return a puzzle is removed from the recipients list until they return ALL delinquent puzzles. Members who lose all of their Quality Rating points and continue to have problems or fail to return puzzles will be terminated.

How do I get rating points?
Your first return is THE MOST IMPORTANT!
You get rating points in one of two ways by initiating a swap or by returning a puzzle or attending a swap meet. You can receive 5 to 10 points immediately by initiating a swap. Not providing a swap form with a tracking number will cost you half of your possible points for that swap. If you initiate a swap with a member marked as NEW, you get 10 points. When you return a puzzle, based on the date you mail it is how your points are determined as you lose .1428 points for each day you wait to return a puzzle. In a nutshell the scale looks like this:
Returning a puzzle within 7 days of receipt earns 4 to 5 points.
Returning a puzzle within 8-14 days of receipt earns 3 to 4 points.
Returning a puzzle within 15-21 days of receipt earns 2 to 3 points.
Returning a puzzle within 22-28 days of receipt earns 1 to 2 points.
Returning a puzzle within 29 or more days of receipt earns 0 to 1 points.
Not returning a puzzle at all gains you no points and you will be suspended until you complete all delinquent puzzles.
You must use a shiping notice and tracking number for us to give you points.

What is the quality rating?
This is about the quality of a puzzle either in a return or an initiated swap. The bottom line here is that the quality is the same as the puzzle received or the puzzle initiated is acceptable to the recipient. Quality rating points are for the duration of your membership. You receive 5 quality points with your first puzzle return. For each complaint or dispute filed against you, you get 1 opportunity to correct the issue or you forfeit a point. The point can never be recovered. If you have multiple complaints in the same dispute form, you automatically forfeit the point. This practice shows that a member has little regard for the rules of the program and members should be aware of the risks of trading with these members. Members who lose all of their Quality points and continue to have infractions will be terminated.

How does the quality rating work on an initiate puzzle?
When a member joins they specify what types of puzzles are a cceptable to them. This is what is listed on their profile page in the INTERACTIVE TOOLS "IT" page. If they only want 500 - 750 piece puzzles and you send them a 1500 piece, AND THEY FILE A RETURN RATING, you will lose 1 point for each violation. A violation is any one of the categories on the recipients list. Members can change their preferences at any time and are encouraged to do so as their inventory changes. So check before you send. The rule to follow is to make sure you only send puzzles that the member has agreed to accept because you cannot make up this point.

How does the quality rating for a returned puzzle work?
The puzzle you return should be as close to the same quality as possible. If you don't have equal, send BETTER. If you get a White Mountain puzzle, don't return a Puzzlebug or one with a missing piece. If the recipient files a dispute, you will be given the opportunity to replace the puzzle you sent with an acceptable one or permanently lose 1 point for the violation.

Can I get more than 5 points?
No, 5 is the maximum.

Why do my timeliness rating points change?
We average member's points every week. Your swap initiation points and your return swap points are averaged together to determine your total rating points. This score is averaged over the course of a calendar year. The score you have on Dec 31 is the one you start with on Jan 1. If you lose points during the year, you can initiate puzzle swaps to increase your average. Attending a swap meet will earn you 10 points but you must register for swap meets. Those can gain you 30 points of cushion to offset other times when you may get busy with other things.

What if I have between 1 and 4 Timeliness points, can I bring that up to 5?
Yes, you will receive 5 points for each of the swaps you initiate, provided you file the proper new swap form. This will help boost your total points. We would prefer that you send puzzles to new members before sending to others. As long as you return (mail) each puzzle within 7 of receipt, you can easily maintain a 5 point rating.

Why are you using a rating system?
It is very frustrating to members who want to participate when they ship a puzzle to another member who does not return one. That is what this website is all about, swapping. Then there is the expense. A member ships one of their puzzles, and loses out on both the shipping cost and the cost of the puzzle. It pretty much makes people not want to participate at all. So the rating system is a way to quickly determine those members who said "Yes, I will swap" but then for whatever reason chose not to honor their commitment. The Shipping notice forms help us track puzzles to calculate rating points.

Why are members rated NEW?
These members have not participated yet and have not been awarded points. Members who have been sent their first puzzle are removed from the recipients list until they return their first puzzle to complete the swap. If they do not return a puzzle, they are suspended.

What is the 1st Swap Guarantee?
Over the life of the Exchange, we have realized that many members choose not to trade with member that are new or have no rating. Our calculations show that 10% of new members will not swap as agreed. Therefore, part of the membership fee is earmarked for the expense and possibility that the member will not return a puzzle. The member who sent them their first puzzle should not suffer loss at the hands of a new member. Therefore the first swap guarantee ensures that a member who sends a new member their first puzzle will at least recieve a return from either the new member or from the exchange.

What are Swap notices?
We send out a variety of notices about swaps. You will get an email notice when a new puzzle swap has been initiated with you and also one when a return puzzle has been sent. In the meantime, if you have not returned a puzzle after you have had it for two weeks, we will send a reminder. On the third week, a final notice will be sent letting you know you only have one more week to return a puzzle. At that point, your name will be removed from the recipients list until you have returned the puzzle. The biggest problem we have in this program is people not returning puzzles and this is the reason for the membership fees and all the required forms. We have identified typical signs that have become indicators for predicting whether a member will be a good participant or not.

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Puzzle Swap Meets

What is a puzzle swap meet?
A puzzle swap meet is for members to get together to trade puzzles in person. This is a new feature of the program and will invariably save members much money in shipping costs. To encourage participation, we offer members who register and attend, a 10 point bonus toward their Timeliness rating.

How can I participate?
You must be a member of the exchange to participate in swap meets. You should change your preferences to include participation in swap meets. This helps us identify safe locations for you and other members nearby to meet. The locations where the swap meets are held have no affiliation with us and have no information available regarding these swap meets.

When are the meets scheduled?
The puzzle swap meet is planned 3 times per year. It is scheduled for the third Saturday of the months of April, July, and October. The scheduled start time is 9:00 AM. It should not take longer than an hour. Make sure you arrive on time as members will trade and leave. If you arrive late, you could miss the fun.

How does it work?
Select the puzzles that you want to trade. Make sure they have a puzzle journey sheet inside the box. Use the trunk of your car as your display table. Arrive at the designated location on time. Drive to a remote outer edge of the parking lot where you will not be in the way of people visiting the establishment. Park your car, get out and stand behind your car. As others arrive, they will see you and know that you are part of the swap meet. They will then park next to you and you can begin looking over each other's puzzles. You may trade by any means that are acceptable to you. You can trade puzzle for puzzle, or by number of pieces. Whatever works for each of you. You should file a new swap form because we are tracking Library ID's at these meets. The first person to file the swap notice will be the initiator, the recieving member will be the recipient for the return. You should list only Library puzzle ID's that are traded. If you swap with 3 members at a swap meet, you should file # new swap forms. Library puzzles are NOT to be traded with non-members. A swap meet Event Pass card will be created and sent to you a few days before the event for you to be able to identify members and non-members. You must present a library card to be able to receive a Library puzzle.

How do I know if others will attend that location?
Once we receive the first registration for a swap meet location, we will send everyone near that location a message and encourage them to register and attend. The map location balloon will turn from blue to red. When the second member registers, we will schedule the event. The map location balloon will then turn green. The deadline to register is the Monday preceeding the event. By Thursday of the week, you will receive your event pass with names and email addresses of all other participants. This way you can communicate between yourselves, change the time, location, etc. that is most convenient for those attending. The details of how many members attending and how many puzzles being traded will continue to update until the event date. Once the event is complete, the event data will change back to blue for the next event.

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Why don't you use Facebook to administer the swaps?
FaceBook is a great advertising medium but there is no good way to operate the exchange just by using Facebook. Members cannot find each other to swap with and unfortunately there is no easy way to connect members and organize a swap. Therefore, it is simply used for marketing and publicity.

Where can I get puzzles to trade?
You don't have to buy new. There are many places to get used puzzles. Garage sales sometimes have them. Call your local public library, they usually will have a couple book sales per year and generally will have used puzzles for $.50 to $2. or more to sell. Don't go to the dollar store and buy cheap tiny puzzles. While they don't cost much to ship, they are flimsy and the pieces are tiny. The recipient of such a puzzle may never trade with you again.

What kind of puzzles can participate?
Just about any kind of puzzle is allowed. It has to be a jigsaw puzzle. The SMALLEST edge should be greater than 11" and the LONGEST edge should be at least twice that (with the exception of children's puzzles). As a general rule, a standard puzzle piece is about 3/4 to 1" square. One easy trick to determine an appropriate size puzzle piece is to multiply the short side by the longer side and divide the total by HALF the number of pieces. A average puzzle will come out to be .80 to 1.0, whereas a small puzzle will result in .50 to .79. Anything less than .50 should not be traded. For example the typical dollar store puzzle that is 500 pieces is 11" x 18". So (11 x 18) / 250 = .79. Additionally, these small pieces are flimsy, will bend easily, are not good quality and should not be traded. If a puzzle is missing more than one piece, it should be thrown away. If you receive a puzzle with missing pieces and are not listed as willing to accept them, file a Dispute form. We will alert the other member that the puzzle is missing a piece. They will then have the opportunity to send a replacement puzzle or forfeit a Quality point. So please be carefull when packaging puzzles and sending them out. The easiest time to lose a puzzle piece is when you take them out of the bag, put them into the bag, or have a pet/child with access to a puzzle in process.

I have a puzzle with a missing piece, can I ship it?
Yes, but there are certain conditions. If a puzzle has more than one missing a piece, it should be thrown away. If there is only one missing piece, you should circle the area on the box where the missing piece is located. On the box, write missing 1 piece. If it is a Library puzzle with an ID number add "mp" after the number. On the journey sheet, use the line UNDER your name entry to make a notation that the puzzle is missing one piece. On the next line write your name, city, state, Country and Date. This will go a long way toward helping the recipient not pull their hair out looking for it. Only ship puzzles with one missing piece to members who have stated that they are willing to receive them.

Who can I send a puzzle with a missing piece to?
This is our #1 problem, so please follow these procedures carefully. On a member's profile page, their information will state whether or not they accept missing pieces. Only these members can receive puzzles with a missing piece. If you are using the INTERACTIVE TOOLS page to determine who to send a library puzzle to, you must ensure that they are willing to accept a puzzle with a missing piece. If you initiate a swap with a missing piece to a member not willing to recieve them, it will be considered a donation and no return will be required of the recipient. Additionally, two new line items have been added to the initiate a swap form. One is an affidavit that states that there is a missing piece and that you have checked to make sure the your recipient will accept it in that condition. The other is for the return, whether you are willing to accept a missing piece puzzle. As I stated before, this is our number one problem and members still fail to follow instructions.

What happens if I find that a puzzle sent to me is missing a piece?
The first thing you do is to check the bag it was shipped in, search the area, and then file a dispute form. A puzzle piece can go missing when it is being placed in the bag for shipping and when it is unpacked to assemble. Either party could have lost it and not known. If you cannot find the piece, file the dispute form. Then under your name of the journey sheet write "Found to be missing 1 piece" and enter the date. Because we cannot confirm whether the lost piece occurred before or after you got it, we at least know that it is missing NOW. Going forward, this will be the date that it was found to be missing. Everyone that had the puzzle before this date could have been the one who lost it. All parties must be especially careful in packing and unpacking the puzzles. That is the only way to reduce this problem.

What are special needs?
Some members have conditions that require certain types of puzzle pieces. Arthritis, Color Blindness, etc. If you have a condition that dictates that you cannot work all puzzles, let us know so that we can assist you in getting ones you can work. Members always check this category before sending a puzzle to a recipient.

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