Donate a puzzle to the Library

Use this form to donate a puzzle to the Puzzle Library. Fill in all fields for this form and upload a photo. The puzzle will be assigned an ID number and sticker(s) will be mailed to you to apply to the puzzle box.
To keep our mailing costs down, please specify how many puzzles you will be donating so that we can send a sufficient number of ID labels at one time.

Currently puzzle donations are only accepted by US members.

Your Information

We will contact you by email if necessary.

Puzzle Info

Enter the number of puzzles you will be donating here. You only need to make an entry on your first donation. This way we can send you the correct number of labels.
Enter the number of pieces here
Usually on the box it will give a number with a plus sign. Please provide that number.
Measure side to side, usually, this can be found on the box.
Measure Top to bottom
Enter manufacturer' name here
This can be hard to find sometimes. Look on the sides of the box where the manufacturer's name is, sometimes it can be hidden there. If no title, include a short description.
To keep photos consistent, please lay the puzzle box in front of you on a standard countertop in plenty of light. Try to get all of the box in the picture, leaving no more than 1 inch of border. Press the picture button slightly to let the camera adjust the auto-flash for best picture. Please reference the photos in the library so that the ones you take are similar. Photos must be in .jpg or .jpeg format and should not exceed 600 kb or should be zipped.