Return a Puzzle Notice

Use this form to return a puzzle to the sender. Once you ship your puzzle, let the recipient know that it is coming and by what shipping service. We will forward on the notice to the recipient of the package. Once processed, you and your recipient will each receive a copy of the swap notice message along with any notices or alerts that may affect the swap.

Sender Info

Recipient Info

Delivery Info

Enter exactly as it apprears on your receipt.
Copy and paste will eliminate errors!
We will contact you by email if necessary.

Swap return Info

Enter the corresponding swap number here. You can find this on the original swap notice. If you did not get a swap notice, mention that here.
Enter the piece count for each puzzle you are sending. If you are sending 3 puzzles, enter the piece count of each.
Does the puzzle have a Library ID#, if so, enter the 4 digit ID of any puzzles being sent from the Library separated by commas. Please check the journey sheet, DO NOT RETURN THE SAME PUZZLE TO A PREVIOUS RECIPIENT!
If you send a puzzle with a missing piece and the recipient does not agree to accept missing piece puzzles and files a dispute, you will be required to send a comparable replacement puzzle or lose one Quality Rating point which is permanent.
Puzzle journey sheets ensure that members do not get the same puzzle back that they have already assembled. If you answered NO, please download the form from the Forms library and fill it out prior to sending.
Enter any comments or information here.
What date did you mail or date you are mailing this package?
This swap form will not be processed until it has been received by the carrier service.

This shipment completes this swap

A swap consists of an initiated puzzle and a return puzzle. If you want to continue trading with this member, please initiate a new swap.