Initiate a New Puzzle Swap

Once you ship your puzzle, complete this form within 24 hours to let the recipient know that it is coming and by what shipping service. A swap number will be assigned and we will forward a notice to both you and your recipient. If any issues are found that need attention, a message will be included in the swap details.

Sender Info

Recipient Info

Delivery Info

Choose a Shipping Carrier or write in below. A tracking number must be provided below.
Tracking numbers are required. Enter exactly as it apprears on your receipt.
We will contact you by email if necessary.

Exchange Info

Enter the piece count for each puzzle you are sending. If you are sending 3 puzzles, enter the piece count of each.
Does the puzzle have a Library ID#, if so, enter the 4 digit ID of any puzzles being sent from the Library separated by commas. Please check the journey sheet and/or the Interactive Tools page, DO NOT RETURN THE SAME PUZZLE TO A PREVIOUS RECIPIENT!
If you are sending a library puzzle, was it requested by your recipient on the Interactive Tools page?
If you send a puzzle with a missing piece and the recipient does not agree to accept missing piece puzzles, THIS SWAP MUST BE CONSIDERED A DONATION! If this puzzle is found to be missing a piece after the recipient returns a puzzle to you, you will owe them a replacement puzzle.
Puzzle journey sheets ensure that members do not get the same puzzle back that they have already assembled. If you answered NO, please download the form from the Forms library and fill it and place it in the puzzle box prior to sending.
If you choose to request puzzles from the recipient's inventory, you must request them by signing into your account on the Interactive Tools page then choosing your recipient from the member field. Please check the details of any puzzle you like to make sure they fit your preferences before selecting (you can also use the Multiple Puzzle Request form).
Please make youre requests as soon as possible and at least before the puzzles are delivered so that you do not cost your recipient timeliness points.
Please us the IT to request puzzles from the recipients inventory.
Enter any comments or special requests here. Please keep in mind that the recipient may not be able to accommodate your request.