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K Hart   Timeliness:    Quality:
Fort Myers, FL, USA
Member Status: Active, Last Swap as recipient: 10/23/20, Joined: 04/06/20

Swap Areas: USA (No International Swaps)   Will Swap: Only 1 puzzle at a time

Piece Count Wanted: 1000 up to 3000 pieces   (1 Missing Piece OK to send)

Maximum Length: 70"

The following are OK to send: Puzzles with 1 Missing Piece, Shaped Puzzles

The following are NOT ok to send: Swaps from outside specified Swap Areas, Puzzles with Missing Boxes, Low Quality Puzzles, 3-D Puzzles, Children’s Puzzles
Piece Type Preference: Unique shapes,

Difficulty Preference: 14, 12

Quality Preference: A, B

K Hart does NOT want the following 10 puzzles:

K Hart currently has the following 4 puzzles:

Below are puzzles sent to K Hart within the last 30 days:


Sunk Galleon
WARNING: missing a piece
#2434mp (2 members want this)2000 pcs

K Hart's Swap History (6 swaps):

Swap# Sent Date Type Sender Puzzles Sent Recipient Puzzles Returned Return Date Returns Requested Status
7419 10/23/20 Swap Hooper, KC 2434mp Hart, K 2203, 4611, 4614 Delivered - Pending Return
7116 08/23/20 Swap Heiber, E 1653 Hart, K 1369, 1653 08/28/20 1369 Swap Complete
7003 08/01/20 Swap Sperrazzo, T 2314 Hart, K 4614..no others thanks. Past Due
6655 05/27/20 Donation Hart, K 3464 Scripoch, M N/A Swap Complete
6375 04/14/20 Swap Hart, K 1153mp Sperrazzo, T 3464 04/21/20 Swap Complete
6330 04/07/20 1st Swap Gerard, A 1153 Hart, K non-library 04/10/20 Please return a comparable puzzle to what was sent Swap Complete
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