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The Black Hills

1000 pcs
20 x 27
Manufacturer: Dowdle
Artist: Eric Dowdle
Ages: 12+
Last copy added by: A Williamson, Roswell, GA
Added on: 08/23/19
KeyWords: places, south dakota
Comments: 3 copies in circulation,

Active members who want it:
E Heiber, Indialantic, FL;   L Finertie, Walnut Creek, CA (RLPO)

Members who DO NOT want it:
L Ortega, Miami, FL;   A Williamson, Roswell, GA;   C Rude, Boston, MA;   M McMillin, Waverly, IA;   J Richard, Slidell, LA;  M Scripoch, San Jose, CA;   C Darfler, Downers Grove, IL;   K Smith, Hewitt, TX;   C Gerard, Ormond Beach, FL;   N Maddox, Brentwood, TN;   K Teague, Ipswich, MA

Members who currently have it:
L Ortega, Miami, FL; A JPSE, Palm Coast, FL

#1690 The Black Hills's swap history (9 swaps):

Swap# Sent Date Type Sender Puzzles Sent Recipient Puzzles Returned Return Date Returns Requested Status
6588 05/20/20 Swap Richard, J 1690 Ortega, L 4636 05/27/20 4636 Swap Complete
5373 08/21/19 Swap Gottschalk, R non-library Williamson, A 1690 08/24/19 Swap Complete
5213 07/15/19 Swap Walker, M 1690 Toll, K 1577 07/19/19 Swap Complete
4817 05/01/19 Swap Gerard, C 3346mp Smith, K 1690 05/14/19 Swap Complete
4409 01/29/19 Swap Smith, K 2456 Rude, C 1690 02/14/19 Swap Complete
4313 01/15/19 Swap Maddox, N 1690 Rude, C 2535 01/23/19 Swap Complete
4036 11/14/18 Swap Richard, J 1690 Maddox, N non-library Swap Complete
3910 10/16/18 Swap Richard, J 1178 McMillin, M 1690 Swap Complete
3703 08/28/18 Swap Walker, M non-library Teague, K 1291, 1690 Swap Complete
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