Over 6500 puzzle swaps have been initiated to date.


The active members list has been removed with the implementation of our new swap tools update of the system. To swap puzzles with other members, you should be a member and use the New Swap Tool button on the Interactive Tools page. Members must be logged in to their account to use the system. If you are not a member, you should use the Membership link to join the trading membership program.


The following members are Donations Only, you may select one of these members if you do not want a return puzzle.

Please do not send puzzles with ID numbers to these members as they will be lost to the library and the membership.
Members who are delinquent in returning puzzles will not be listed on either recipients list until they return all delinquent puzzles owed. The exchange is run using the honor system and members who do not return puzzles ruin the exchange for all other members.
Please review the FAQ's page.

Jigsaw Puzzle Swap Exchange