How to Participate

Become a Recipient

If you would like to receive puzzles from others, simply sign up using our online membership form.


  • Initial (1 year) - $60.00 USD
  • Initial 1 year + puzzle swap (US
    Only)- $80.00 USD
  • Initial (2 years) - $78.00 USD
  • Initial 2 years + puzzle swap (US
    Only)- $98.00 USD
  • Renewal (1 year) - $24.00 USD
  • Renewal (2 year) - $36.00 USD

These charges cover the costs of maintaining and marketing the website and replacing puzzles that are retired due to wear and tear.

Once you have signed up, your name and address will become part of the list where others can ship their puzzles. Please provide the address at which you would like to receive puzzles.

Your email or address is not shared or made public.

Change Preferences

If you would like to change your preferences, simply make changes to membership using our online change form.

  • Renew, change, or cancel membership term (changes will be added to end of current term)
  • Change Address
  • Change Puzzle selections & preferences
  • Update HOLD/VACATION status
  • Make comments

Your changes will generally be updated within 24 hours

Choose Recipient

When you are ready to ship puzzles, Log in to your account and Click the NEW SWAP TOOL and choose a recipient. This can be someone in your area or someone across the globe. The choice is yours. You may select several persons or send more than one puzzle in one package.

The cost to ship the puzzle is yours. Also, please do not ship puzzles internationally, low quality puzzles, puzzles without original boxes, or puzzles with missing pieces unless the recipient has agreed to accept them.

View our Transit Board of puzzles currently in transit between members.

Send puzzles

print a journey sheet (Color or Black and White) and write your 1st initial, last name, city, state, country, date and include it in the box. This will show all future recipients of this puzzle where all it has been and keep it from getting sent back to those who have worked it.

You may print off a Shipping Label which will identify the contents of the package to the addressee.

Package and send your puzzles using whatever service you like.

Complete one of the shipping notice forms.
NEW SWAP TOOL or RETURN TOOL form. This will let us know that you have shipped a puzzle to one of our members and we will then transmit that information to the recipient. This way they will know to expect it and know whether or not you are expecting a puzzle in return and the type.

Recipients are required to send puzzles back to you unless you ship the puzzle as a donation or it has a missing piece. If you do not want to receive puzzles in return, please specify that on the Swap form.

Exchanging Puzzles

When sending a puzzle back, please try to send the same number of puzzles that you received, and of similar size, quantity, difficulty level, and design (unless specified otherwise)

Step by Step instructions to return a puzzle in an exchange can be found at Return Puzzle

If you are listed as willing to swap and someone sends you a puzzle, please make sure you send them one back as soon as possible and at least within 30 days. If it is reported that you did not swap, your listing will be removed and you will be suspended until you return all delinquent puzzles.

If you receive a puzzle that is not comparable to the one you sent or not within your puzzle preferences, file a swap dispute form. Dispute Resolution You may need to provide an image of the completed puzzle, along with a copy of the puzzle journey sheet in the case of multiple member infractions. Disputes carry a 1 point quality rating point reduction for each infraction and a member will only get one opportunity to rectify the problem prior to losing the point.

Have fun & make new friends

By exchanging puzzles with others you will brighten their day when they open their mailbox.

You may create local clubs and puzzle nights to swap puzzles in your area. Please contact us to find out how.

Jigsaw Puzzle Swap Exchange