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Refunds are not available on cancellations. If you think you may return at a later time, you should put your membership on hold below.
Only your name, city, state and zip will appear. Your street address will be issued only by written request from current members.
This is an upgrade option and can only be used in combination with a 1 or 5 year membership.
Select which category you wish to be listed in here. If you select Yes and do not return a puzzle within 30 days, your membership will be suspended and your name will be removed from the recipients list until all delinquent puzzles are returned. No refunds are given for cancelled memberships.
Select any categories of puzzles that you would like to receive and
assemble but makes ure that your selects reflect what you have in your collection. Any changes made in this section will over-write previous selections. Make sure you select all the categories you want.
Please use caution when choosing ONLY categories. Do not select both 500 Only and 500-750 as one will be cancelled out.
REQUESTED LIBRARY PUZZLES ONLY category requires that you select the puzzles that you want from the library.
Select the number of puzzles a sender may ship to you at one time. Please make sure that you have the same number in your collection so that you can return that many. Remember, you must return the same number of puzzles to the sender, unless they specify otherwise.
Let us know if you want to add (donate) the puzzles you plan to trade to the library so that others can request them. We will send you labels in the mail at the time we process your membership so that you can get started right away. You can order labels at any time by changing your preferences or using the donate a puzzle form.
Please let us know how many puzzles you currently have in your collection that you are willing to trade with other members. We will send you this number of labels so that you can start adding your puzzles to the library for other members to request.

About You & Your Preferences

So that other members can help send you puzzles you like, please provide some information about the kinds of puzzles you like. This information will be incorporated into a member profile in the future.

List the brands of puzzles that you would normally choose.
List the types of puzzle themes you like the most.
We know everyone's workspace is a different size. If you have a limited workspace, list the largest edge of your workspace in inches. Most puzzle largest edges are 27, 30, 39.
Add special needs or concerns here. Do not make special requests of certain types or brands of puzzles. To make special requests you should choose the REQUESTED LIBRARY PUZZLES ONLY category and then make your selections from the library.