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S Tambra   Timeliness:    Quality:
Galveston, TX, USA
Member Status: Active, Last Swap as recipient: 04/15/20, Joined: 07/06/19

Swap Areas: USA (No International Swaps)   Will Swap: Only 1 puzzle at a time

Piece Count Wanted: 1000 pieces or larger   (Do NOT send Missing Piece puzzles)

The following are OK to send: Puzzles with Missing Boxes

The following are NOT ok to send: Swaps from outside specified Swap Areas, Puzzles with Missing Piece(s), Low Quality Puzzles, Shaped Puzzles, 3-D Puzzles, Children’s Puzzles
Difficulty Preference: 14, 12

Quality Preference: A, B

S Tambra does NOT want the following 5 puzzles:

S Tambra currently has the following 3 puzzles:

S Tambra's Swap History (6 swaps):

Swap# Sent Date Type Sender Puzzles Sent Recipient Puzzles Returned Return Date Returns Requested Status
6389 04/15/20 Swap Andrae, E 2869 Tambra, S non-library 05/19/20 2533, 4187 Swap Complete
5956 01/13/20 Swap Richard, J non-library Tambra, S 3322 02/27/20 Swap Complete
5827 12/17/19 Swap Ellis, C 4187 Tambra, S 3595 01/12/20 2533 Swap Complete
5772 12/09/19 Donation Abdinoor, D 3322 Tambra, S N/A Swap Complete
5664 11/11/19 Swap Richard, J 3595 Tambra, S non-library 11/19/19 Swap Complete
5197 07/16/19 1st Swap Sweet, D 2533 Tambra, S non-library 07/23/19 Swap Complete
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