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S Starling  (new member as of 01/04/20)
San Diego, CA, USA
Member Status: Active, New Member(01/04/20)

S Starling is an RLPO member (REQUESTED Library Puzzles Only).
The only puzzles they will accept in a new swap are the ones they have requested which are listed below. If you are returning a puzzle to S Starling it should meet the criteria specified in the swap email you received when they initiated the swap. It should also meet the "OK to send" and "NOT OK to send" criteria below.

Swap Areas: USA (No International Swaps)   Will Swap: Only 1 puzzle at a time

Piece Count Wanted: 1000 up to 5000 pieces   (Do NOT send Missing Piece puzzles)

Maximum Length: 42"

The following are OK to send: REQUESTED Library puzzles only

The following are NOT ok to send: Swaps from outside specified Swap Areas, Puzzles with Missing Boxes, Puzzles with Missing Piece(s), Low Quality Puzzles, Shaped Puzzles, 3-D Puzzles, Children’s Puzzles
Difficulty Preference: 14

Quality Preference: A, B

JPSEi UNEXPECTED ERROR: Invalid puzzle number format: (1265 2667) for swap# 7029 type: Swap from: Sender full text: 1265 2667

S Starling currently has the following 1 puzzles:

S Starling has no swap History.

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