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L Ortega   Timeliness:    Quality:
Miami, FL, USA
Member Status: Active, Attends Swap Meets, Last Swap as recipient: 08/23/20, Joined: 10/28/20

Swap Areas: USA (No International Swaps)   Will Swap: Only 1 puzzle at a time

Piece Count Wanted: 500 up to 2000 pieces   (Do NOT send Missing Piece puzzles)

Maximum Length: 36"

The following are OK to send: Shaped Puzzles

The following are NOT ok to send: Swaps from outside specified Swap Areas, Puzzles with Missing Boxes, Puzzles with Missing Piece(s), Low Quality Puzzles, 3-D Puzzles, Children’s Puzzles
Theme Preference: 1000 Pieces of History, American Classics, Americana, Art, Artisan, Bridges, Buildings/Architecture, Castles, Country Living, Country Manors, Covered Bridge Collection, Crowd Pleasers, Cruisin Rt 66, Curator Collection, Dowdle Folk Art, Famous Art Works, Fine Art, Flagship Artists Series, Great Painters, Heartland Gallery, Historical, Hometown, I Spy, Irish Image Collection, Landscape & Travel, Landscapes, Lazy Days, Lighthouses, Majestic, Mystery, Retro, Saturday Evening Post, Scenic Places, The New Yorker, The Saturday Evening Post, The Scenic Route, Trains & Railways, Vintage, Weekend Escape, Welcome Home, Where's Waldo, Windows to the World

Piece Type Preference: No missing pieces

Artist Preference: Thomas Kinkade, Charles Wysocki,

Difficulty Preference: 14, 12

Quality Preference: A, B

Dislikes: Foil or reflective

L Ortega has requested the following 1 puzzles:

L Ortega does NOT want the following 18 puzzles:

L Ortega currently has the following 10 puzzles:

L Ortega's Swap History (7 swaps):

Swap# Sent Date Type Sender Puzzles Sent Recipient Puzzles Returned Return Date Returns Requested Status
7117 08/23/20 Swap Heiber, E 999 Ortega, L 1119 08/31/20 1119 Swap Complete
6997 07/31/20 Swap Simpson, R 1429 Ortega, L 1369 08/07/20 1369 Swap Complete
6805 10/28/20 Swap Hooper, KC 4302 Ortega, L 4633 06/30/20 4630, 4633 Swap Complete
6588 05/20/20 Swap Richard, J 1690 Ortega, L 4636 05/27/20 4636 Swap Complete
6492 05/01/20 Swap Krigser, S 1369, 2547, 2670 Ortega, L 4156, 4434, 4639 4156, 4434, 4639 Swap Complete
6468 04/27/20 Swap Longfellow, C 1119 Ortega, L 3386 04/30/20 3386, 4156, 4434 Swap Complete
6412 04/20/20 1st Swap Hooper, KC 2764 Ortega, L 3170 04/22/20 Swap Complete
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