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M Bick   Timeliness:    Quality:
Wesley Chapel, FL, USA
NOTICE: M Bick is ON HOLD and therefore will NOT ACCEPT NEW SWAPS.

Member Status: On Hold, Last Swap as recipient: 05/28/19, Joined: 01/26/18

M Bick is an RLPO member (REQUESTED Library Puzzles Only).
The only puzzles they will accept in a new swap are the ones they have requested which are listed below. If you are returning a puzzle to M Bick it should meet the criteria specified in the swap email you received when they initiated the swap. It should also meet the "OK to send" and "NOT OK to send" criteria below.

Swap Areas: USA (No International Swaps)   Will Swap: Only 1 puzzle at a time

Piece Count Wanted: 1000 up to 2000 pieces   (1 Missing Piece OK to send)

Maximum Length: 40"

The following are OK to send: REQUESTED Library puzzles only, Puzzles with 1 Missing Piece

The following are NOT ok to send: Swaps from outside specified Swap Areas, Puzzles with Missing Boxes, Low Quality Puzzles, Shaped Puzzles, 3-D Puzzles, Children’s Puzzles
Theme Preference: Amazing Nature, Americana, Animal Kingdom, Aquatic, Art, Cats, Cities in Color, City Collection, City Scapes, Country Living, Country Manors, Days to Remember, Disney, Dogs, Events, Fine Art Photography, Flowers, Food, Gallery, Hallmark Cards, Historical, Holiday Theme, Hometown, Landscape & Travel, Landscapes, Majestic Castles, Memory Lane, Movies, Museum, National Geographic, National Parks, Nature, Nature's Glory, Nautical, Places, Scenic places, Seasonal Splendor, Vintage, Weekend Escape, Wildlife, Windows to the World, Wonders of Nature

Brand Preference: Buffalo, Ceaco, Cobble Hill, Hasbro, Milton Bradley, Ravensburger, SunsOut, White Mountain

Piece Type Preference: Thick,

Artist Preference: Charles Wysocki, Thomas Kinkade, Vincent Van Gogh

Difficulty Preference: Any

Quality Preference: A, B

Dislikes: collages; Where's Waldo

M Bick has requested the following 3 puzzles:

M Bick does NOT want the following 22 puzzles:

M Bick currently has the following 4 puzzles:

M Bick's Swap History (9 swaps):

Swap# Sent Date Type Sender Puzzles Sent Recipient Puzzles Returned Return Date Returns Requested Status
7058 08/12/20 Swap Bick, M 2766 Darfler, C 3656 08/18/20 1716, 2143, 2642, 3656, 4644 Swap Complete
4960 05/28/19 Swap Gottschalk, R 2100 Bick, M 2149mp 06/21/19 Swap Complete
4821 05/02/19 Swap Bick, M 2173 Hooper, KC 2766 05/08/19 Swap Complete
4764 04/20/19 Swap Friedeck, M 2550 Bick, M 1404 05/02/19 Swap Complete
4506 02/19/19 Donation Richard, J 1269mp Bick, M N/A Swap Complete
3493 07/09/18 Swap Bick, M 1300 Murphy, E 2149 Swap Complete
3141 03/05/18 Swap Bick, M 1500 Finn, B 1300 Swap Complete
3066 02/08/18 Swap Gerard, C 1404, 1500 Bick, M 2285, 2337 Swap Complete
3038 02/01/18 Membership Gerard, A 2173 Bick, M N/A Swap Complete
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