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E Barkley   Timeliness:    Quality:
Cary, NC, USA
NOTICE: E Barkley is ON HOLD and therefore will NOT ACCEPT NEW SWAPS.

Member Status: On Hold, Attends Swap Meets, Last Swap as recipient: 10/15/19, Joined: 01/08/19

Swap Areas: CANADA, USA   Will Swap: Only 1 puzzle at a time

Piece Count Wanted: 500 pieces or larger   (Do NOT send Missing Piece puzzles)

Maximum Length: 39"

The following are OK to send: Puzzles with Missing Boxes, 3-D Puzzles

The following are NOT ok to send: Puzzles with Missing Piece(s), Low Quality Puzzles, Shaped Puzzles, Children’s Puzzles
Theme Preference: 1000 Pieces of History, Abstract, Amazing Nature, Aquatic, Art, Asiatica, Audubon, Automobiles, Birds, Buildings/Architecture, Can You Find?, WASGIJ?,

Brand Preference: American Publishing, Anatdian, Andrews & Blaine Ltd, Bepuzzled, Black Dog and Leventhal, Brainwright, Empire, Eurographics, Greenwich Workshop, Karmin International, Master Pieces, New York Puzzle Company, Pastime Puzzles, Pressman, Ravensburger, Saturday Evening Post, Spilsbury Puzzle Co., Springbok, Trefl Puzzles, Vermont Christmas Company,

Piece Type Preference: Thick, Unique Shapes

Difficulty Preference: 14, 12

Quality Preference: A, B

E Barkley does NOT want the following 13 puzzles:

E Barkley currently has the following 3 puzzles:

E Barkley's Swap History (13 swaps):

Swap# Sent Date Type Sender Puzzles Sent Recipient Puzzles Returned Return Date Returns Requested Status
5554 10/15/19 Swap VanDenBossche, T 1968 Barkley, E 2581 11/14/19 Swap Complete
5309 08/08/19 Donation Barkley, E 2465 Friedeck, M N/A Swap Complete
5259 07/25/19 Swap Andrae, E 3801 Barkley, E 2027 08/08/19 1767 Swap Complete
5009 06/04/19 Donation Barkley, E 2550 Murphy, E N/A Swap Complete
4959 05/28/19 Swap Gottschalk, R non-library Barkley, E non-library 06/04/19 Swap Complete
4949 05/25/19 Swap Williamson, A 2465 Barkley, E 2369 06/04/19 Swap Complete
4763 04/20/19 Meet Alexander, P 2027 Barkley, E non-library 04/20/19 Swap Complete
4716 04/08/19 Swap Brown, C 1767 Barkley, E 3324 04/15/19 Swap Complete
4599 03/11/19 Donation Barkley, E 2075 Lee, T N/A Swap Complete
4583 03/05/19 Membership Gerard, A 2075 Barkley, E N/A Swap Complete
4540 02/25/19 Swap Barkley, E 1796 Longfellow, C 3268 03/09/19 Swap Complete
4528 02/20/19 Donation Abdinoor, D 3324 Barkley, E N/A Swap Complete
4376 01/22/19 1st Swap Murphy, E 1796 Barkley, E 3008 01/31/19 Swap Complete
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