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The Frog Princess

1000 pcs
18 x 17
Manufacturer: D-Toys
Series: Fables & Fairy Tales
Ages: 14+
Last copy added by: C Longfellow, Winchester, VA (ON HOLD!)
Added on: 06/04/20
Characteristics: Standard
KeyWords: Fairy tale, lady with frog, animals, woods, fish

Active members who want it:
T VanDenBossche, Chatham, ON CANADA

Members who DO NOT want it:
C Djalleta, Ambler, PA (RLPO);  C Longfellow, Winchester, VA;   E Shephard, Medford, OR

Members who currently have it:
C Djalleta, Ambler, PA (RLPO)

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7091 08/18/20 Swap Longfellow, C 3962, 4858mp Djalleta, C 1098, 2682 08/25/20 1098, 1430 Swap Complete
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