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1000 pcs
27 x 20
Manufacturer: Karmin International
Artist: Sam Park
Ages: 12+
Last copy added by: C Gerard, Ormond Beach, FL (RLPO) (ON HOLD!)
Added on: 11/27/17
KeyWords: seascape,

Active members who want it:
M Scripoch, San Jose, CA (RLPO)

Members who DO NOT want it:
J Richard, Slidell, LA;  G Moulton, Charlotte, NC;   KC Hooper, St Johns, FL;   C Ellis, Savannah, GA;   A Gerard, Palm Coast, FL;   M Bick, Wesley Chapel, FL;   C Gerard, Ormond Beach, FL

Members who currently have it:
G Moulton, Charlotte, NC

#2173 Dockside's swap history (5 swaps):

Swap# Sent Date Type Sender Puzzles Sent Recipient Puzzles Returned Return Date Returns Requested Status
7127 08/22/20 Swap Ellis, C 2173, 2842 Moulton, G 2752, 4288 09/08/20 My first choice is 4288. Then I'd like any of these: 4285, 2752, 1506 Swap Complete
6980 07/29/20 Swap Hooper, KC 2173, 2471, 3249, 4017 Ellis, C 2533mp, 3008, 3287, 3299 07/31/20 2533, 3008, 3287, 3290 Swap Complete
4821 05/02/19 Swap Bick, M 2173 Hooper, KC 2766 05/08/19 Swap Complete
3038 02/01/18 Membership Gerard, A 2173 Bick, M N/A Swap Complete
2785 11/16/17 Swap Gerard, C 1036 Richard, J 2173 Swap Complete
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