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Legends Of The Past

1000 pcs
27 x 20
Manufacturer: Ceaco
Series: Native Portraits
Ages: 13+
Last copy added by: C Campbell, Palm Bay, FL
Added on: 09/24/16

Members who want it:
  -- Nobody is requesting this puzzle. --

Members who DO NOT want it:
K Lewis, Hightstown, NJ;   C Holden, Mount Kisco, NY;   C McCarthy, Asheville, NC;   C Longfellow, Winchester, VA;   J Richard, Slidell, LA;   L Hartman, Rocklin, CA (RLPO);   L Fitzgerald, Portland, OR (RLPO);   T Sperrazzo, Charlotte, NC (RLPO);  R Zuffante, Concord, MA;   KC Hooper, St Johns, FL;   L King, Atlanta, GA;   C Gerard, Ormond Beach, FL;   T Vogt, Siloam Springs, AR;   A Gerard, Palm Coast, FL

Members who currently have it:
R Zuffante, Concord, MA

#1388 Legends Of The Past's swap history (11 swaps):

Swap# Sent Date Type Sender Puzzles Sent Recipient Puzzles Returned Return Date Returns Requested Status
6121 02/19/20 Donation Lewis, K 1388, 2113 Zuffante, R N/A Swap Complete
5015 06/06/19 Swap Lewis, K 3611 Holden, C 1388 06/11/19 Swap Complete
4746 04/15/19 Swap McCarthy, C 1388 Wilde, L 2761 05/06/19 Swap Complete
4722 04/09/19 Swap Holden, C 2930 Wilde, L 1388 05/06/19 Swap Complete
3553 07/24/18 Swap Nichols, T 1388 McCarthy, C Delivered - Pending Return
3330 05/11/18 Swap Longfellow, C 1388 Nichols, T non-library Swap Complete
3157 03/12/18 Swap Longfellow, C non-library Hartman, L 1388 Swap Complete
2902 12/22/17 Swap Hartman, L 2129 Richard, J 1388 Swap Complete
2715 10/30/17 Swap Richard, J non-library King, L 1388 Swap Complete
2561 08/14/17 Swap Bartlett, R 1388 King, L 1908, 2099 Swap Complete
1583 09/29/16 Swap Gerard, A 1388 Bartlett, R non-library Swap Complete
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