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Tiger Family In The Jungle

1000 pcs
27 x 20
Manufacturer: Buffalo
Series: Signature
Artist: Jan Patrick Krasny
Ages: 10+
Last copy added by: L Hartman, Rocklin, CA (RLPO)
Added on: 02/25/17
Comments: 2 copies in circulation,

Active members who want it:
K Fry, Huntsville, AL;   R Smyth, Whitby, ON CANADA

Members who DO NOT want it:
L Hartman, Rocklin, CA (RLPO);   T Sperrazzo, Charlotte, NC (RLPO);   M Franklin, Portland, ME;  K White, Walla Walla, WA;   E Murphy, Gorham, ME;   M Walker, Ladera Ranch, CA;   L Cox, Columbia, MO;   S Thomopoulos, Alexandria, VA;   L King, Atlanta, GA;   S Mancer, Stanwood, WA

Members who currently have it:
-- The location of this puzzle is currently unknown. --

#1044 Tiger Family In The Jungle's swap history (11 swaps):

Swap# Sent Date Type Sender Puzzles Sent Recipient Puzzles Returned Return Date Returns Requested Status
3445 06/28/18 Swap White, K 1044 Buckner, E 2581 Swap Complete
3320 05/10/18 Swap White, K 2311 Weidman, P 1044 Swap Complete
3231 04/12/18 Swap Brown, C 1044 Weidman, P 1544 Swap Complete
3140 03/06/18 Swap Walker, M 1044 Weidman, P 1496 Swap Complete
3076 02/12/18 Swap Walker, M non-library Graff, R 1044 Swap Complete
2954 01/09/18 Swap Murphy, E 2278 Thomopoulos, S 1044 Swap Complete
2882 12/14/17 Donation Cox, L 1044 Brown, C N/A Swap Complete
2572 08/15/17 Swap Franklin, M 1044 Graff, R 2216 Swap Complete
2343 06/14/17 Swap Mancer, S 1044 Franklin, M 1150 Swap Complete
2262 05/24/17 Swap Mancer, S 2029, 2099 King, L 1044, 1719 Swap Complete
1955 02/22/17 Swap King, L 1764 Hartman, L 1044 Swap Complete
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