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Klimt And Women Montage

1000 pcs
18 x 27
Manufacturer: Piatnik
Series: Fine Art
Artist: Gustav Klimt
Ages: 10+
Last copy added by: E Murphy, Gorham, ME (RLPO) (ON HOLD!)
Added on: 05/21/17

Members who want it:
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Members who DO NOT want it:
S Krigser, Miami, FL;   K Smith, Hewitt, TX;   D Abdinoor, Honolulu, HI;   J Richard, Slidell, LA;   M Franklin, Portland, ME;   S McAdoo, Alexandria, VA;   T Sperrazzo, Charlotte, NC (RLPO);   K Lee, Northlake, IL;  E Shephard, Medford, OR;   E Murphy, Gorham, ME;   R Dearing, Orchard Park, NY

Members who currently have it:
S Krigser, Miami, FL

#2064 Klimt And Women Montage's swap history (8 swaps):

Swap# Sent Date Type Sender Puzzles Sent Recipient Puzzles Returned Return Date Returns Requested Status
6172 03/02/20 Swap Krigser, S 2308 Abdinoor, D 2064 03/08/20 2064, 2437 Swap Complete
4798 04/24/19 Donation Smith, K 2064 Abdinoor, D N/A Swap Complete
4410 01/29/19 Swap Smith, K 2761 Ross, L 2064 03/05/19 Swap Complete
3960 10/26/18 Swap Richard, J 2064 Ross, L 1558 Swap Complete
3822 09/22/18 Swap Richard, J 1749 McAdoo, S 2064 Swap Complete
3656 08/20/18 Swap McAdoo, S 1099 Franklin, M 2064 Swap Complete
2884 12/14/17 Donation Lee, K 2064 Franklin, M N/A Swap Complete
2689 09/28/17 Swap Murphy, E 2064 Lee, K non-library Swap Complete
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