Interactive Tools

The Sixties

1000 pcs
24 x 30
Manufacturer: White Mountain
Ages: 12+
Last copy added by: T Sperrazzo, Charlotte, NC (RLPO)
Added on: 12/31/14

Active members who want it:
J Wright, Sheboygan, WI (RLPO);   K Driscoll, Fairfax, VA (RLPO);   T Houck, Mount Holly, NC (RLPO)

Members who DO NOT want it:
B Zellers, Gaithersburg, MD;   P Alexander, Atlanta, GA (RLPO);   T Sperrazzo, Charlotte, NC (RLPO);   A Morris, Strafford, MO (RLPO);   R Jones, Lees Summit, MO (RLPO);   M Franklin, Portland, ME;   K Benko, Fenton, MO (RLPO);  M Bashert, Amherst, NY;   J Weesies, St Petersburg, FL;   KC Hooper, St Johns, FL;   C Gerard, Ormond Beach, FL;   R Dearing, Orchard Park, NY;   K Teague, Ipswich, MA;   A Gerard, Palm Coast, FL

Members who currently have it:
M Bashert, Amherst, NY

#1121 The Sixties's swap history (12 swaps):

Swap# Sent Date Type Sender Puzzles Sent Recipient Puzzles Returned Return Date Returns Requested Status
4958 05/28/19 Donation Alexander, P 1121, 1122 Bashert, M N/A Swap Complete
4007 11/06/18 Swap Gerard, C 1121 Alexander, P 1089 Swap Complete
3965 10/29/18 Swap Baloy, L 1121 Gerard, C 1451mp Swap Complete
3013 01/25/18 Swap Baloy, L 2066 Sickafoose, B 1121 Swap Complete
2695 10/05/17 Swap Sickafoose, B 1441 Benko, K 1121 Swap Complete
2460 07/18/17 Swap Murphy, E 1121 Benko, K Delivered - Pending Return
2056 03/23/17 Swap Bailey, H 1121 Murray, J 1907 Swap Complete
1890 01/17/17 Swap Jones, R 1121 Bailey, H 1154 Swap Complete
1564 09/19/16 Swap Jones, R 1122 Blumensen, K 1121 Swap Complete
1547 09/10/16 Swap Gerard, A 1121 Blumensen, K 1074 Swap Complete
1264 05/24/16 Swap Gerard, C 1121 Gaudreau, M 1168 Swap Complete
1079 02/26/16 Membership Gerard, A 1121 Hepburn, M N/A Swap Complete
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