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After The Rain

1000 pcs
27 x 19
Manufacturer: Mega Puzzles
Series: Hometown
Artist: Heronim
Ages: 12+
Last copy added by: A Gerard, Palm Coast, FL (ON HOLD!)
Added on: 03/19/19
KeyWords: lighthouse, sailing ship, children, kites

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M Trivitt, Tappahannock, VA (RLPO);   C Longfellow, Winchester, VA;   E Crowder, Memphis, TN (RLPO);   J Richard, Slidell, LA;  E Shephard, Medford, OR;   R Gottschalk, Atlanta, GA;   C Gerard, Ormond Beach, FL;   A Gerard, Palm Coast, FL

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M Trivitt, Tappahannock, VA (RLPO)

#3628 After The Rain's swap history (5 swaps):

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5499 09/27/19 Swap Longfellow, C 4032 Crowder, E 3628 10/04/19 1304, 1563, 3387 Swap Complete
5372 08/21/19 Donation Gottschalk, R 3628 Crowder, E N/A Swap Complete
4700 04/04/19 Swap Gottschalk, R non-library Richard, J 3628 04/24/19 Swap Complete
4673 03/27/19 Swap Bustraan, H 3628 Richard, J 2162 04/22/19 Swap Complete
4622 03/19/19 Replacement Gerard, A 3628 Bustraan, H non-library Swap Complete
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