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Balloons Over The Mountain

1000 pcs
27 x 20
Manufacturer: Colorluxe
Ages: 10+
Last copy added by: L Ghiglieri, Davis, CA
Added on: 08/02/17
Characteristics: Unique pieces
KeyWords: hot air balloons, colorful

Active members who want it:
B Zellers, Gaithersburg, MD

Members who DO NOT want it:
C McCarthy, Asheville, NC;   S Krigser, Miami, FL;   J Wright, Sheboygan, WI (RLPO);  R Gottschalk, Atlanta, GA;   R Dearing, Orchard park, NY;   D Sweet, Tampa, FL

Members who currently have it:
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5226 07/20/19 Meet Fisher, K 1438, 1560 Klug, K non-library 07/20/19 Swap Complete
4551 02/26/19 Swap Gottschalk, R 1560 Fisher, K non-library 03/09/19 Swap Complete
4052 11/19/18 Swap Gottschalk, R non-library Sweet, D 1560 Swap Complete
3932 10/18/18 Swap Krigser, S 1560 Sweet, D 3157mp Swap Complete
3219 04/09/18 Swap McCarthy, C 1560 Krigser, S non-library Swap Complete
3031 01/31/18 Swap McCarthy, C 1477 Wright, J 1529, 1560 Swap Complete
2960 01/11/18 Swap Ghiglieri, L 1560 Wright, J 1790 Swap Complete
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