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Justice League Of America

1000 pcs
27 x 20
Manufacturer: Aquarius
Ages: 14+
Last copy added by: L Jacobson, Maple Grove, MN
Added on: 03/01/19
Comments: 2 copies in circulation, 1 copy retired,

Active members who want it:
M Menzel, Bonsall, CA (RLPO);   V Walters, Summit, NJ

Members who DO NOT want it:
S Krigser, Miami, FL;   B Zellers, Gaithersburg, MD;   J Richard, Slidell, LA;   L Jacobson, Maple Grove, MN;   M Friedeck, San Antonio, TX;   C Longfellow, Winchester, VA;  H Urbanski, Saint Paul, MN;   L Shipley, Lynn, MA;   K Teague, Ipswich, MA;   KC Hooper, St Johns, FL;   L King, Atlanta, GA;   L Cox, Columbia, MO

Members who currently have it:
M Friedeck, San Antonio, TX

#1314 Justice League Of America's swap history (7 swaps):

Swap# Sent Date Type Sender Puzzles Sent Recipient Puzzles Returned Return Date Returns Requested Status
5678 11/16/19 Swap Shipley, L 1314 Krigser, S 3169 12/09/19 Swap Complete
5017 06/06/19 Swap Richard, J 1314 Shipley, L non-library 06/10/19 Swap Complete
4567 03/01/19 Swap Jacobson, L 1314 Richard, J 1452 03/13/19 Swap Complete
4421 01/31/19 Swap Klug, K 1314 Friedeck, M 1291mp 03/02/19 Swap Complete
3249 04/16/18 Swap Klug, K 1464 Brown, C 1314 Swap Complete
3054 02/05/18 Swap Longfellow, C 1314 Brown, C non-library Swap Complete
2982 01/16/18 Swap Longfellow, C 1737 Cox, L 1314 Swap Complete
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