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1000 Piece Non-Library puzzle

1000 pcs
Manufacturer: Not Specified
Ages: 10+
Added on: 07/29/20
KeyWords: Non library puzzle
Comments: Puzzle should be added to the library once received and assembled.

Active members who want it:
S Close, Bixby, OK (RLPO)

Members who DO NOT want it:
Nobody yet...

Members who currently have it:
J Lee, Champaign, IL (New);   J Andersen, Miami, FL (New);   J Bibbins, Austin, TX (New);   K Egan, Philadelphia, PA (New);   L Ortega, Miami, FL;   S Vik, Saint Charles, MO (New);   S Ring, Los Angeles, CA (RLPO);   V Hataway, Mineral, VA (New);   E Cordova, Toronto, ON CANADA (RLPO);   R De Arman, Corpus Christi, TX (New);   C Guida, Santa Fe, TX;   J Hay, Lebanon, TN;   E Slitkin, New York, NY;   A Barnes, Laguna Niguel, CA;   V Walters, Summit, NJ;   J Crosier, Seattle, WA;   M Mani, Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA (New);   R Agnew, Indianapolis, IN (RLPO) (New);   K Gierard, San Diego, CA (RLPO) (New);   C Moon, Menlo Park, CA (RLPO) (New);   S Starling, San Diego, CA (RLPO) (New);   E Heiber, Indialantic, FL;   M Clopton, Fayetteville, NC (RLPO) (New);   J Tibbetts, Colebrook, NH (RLPO) (New);   C Duffin, Plano, TX (RLPO) (New);   J Nelson, Normandy Park, WA; B Bass, Fairfax, VA;   D DiMatteo, Madison, NH;   J Barkley, Jasper, GA;   S Davis, Athol, ID;   N Klein, Seattle, WA;   D Laidlaw, Salt Lake City, UT;   T DeMouy, Baton Rouge, LA

#999 1000 Piece Non-Library puzzle's swap history (8 swaps):

Swap# Sent Date Type Sender Puzzles Sent Recipient Puzzles Returned Return Date Returns Requested Status
7117 08/23/20 Swap Heiber, E 999 Ortega, L 1119 08/31/20 1119 Swap Complete
6987 07/29/20 Swap Bloh, L 1544, 2973, 4709 Jensen, A 1881, 3229, 999 08/03/20 1217, 1486, 2745, 3397 Swap Complete
6963 07/27/20 Swap Larson, J 4827 Sulkowski, S 999 08/04/20 1262, 2970 Swap Complete
6939 07/21/20 1st Swap VanDenBossche, T 1147 Simpson, P 999 07/31/20 999 Return In Transit
6860 07/07/20 1st Swap Moulton, G 3902 Hay, J 999 07/10/20 Swap Complete
6851 07/06/20 1st Swap Finertie, L 4727 Borkoski, K 999 07/09/20 Any 500 - 1000 pieces Swap Complete
6842 07/02/20 Swap Lee, K 999 Moran, C 1305 07/09/20 Swap Complete
6524 05/06/20 Swap Cordova, E 3703 Leach, K 999 06/22/20 1657 Swap Complete
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